Art on Hennepin Avenue (AHA)

Hennepin Theatre Trust is committed to driving the vitality of Hennepin Avenue by creating a safe, welcoming and vibrant downtown for all and providing a platform for Minnesota artists. Art on Hennepin Avenue (AHA) fills the windows of downtown businesses along Hennepin Avenue with large-scale art by Minnesota artists.

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AHA’s featured artwork is focuses on five high-volume blocks – 5th to 10th streets – that are anchored by Hennepin Theatre Trust’s five historic venues. Locations with featured artworks include:

MacKenzie’s Pub

Artwork title: Forest
Artist: Phil Menge
Instagram: @strictlygoose

Forest by Phil Menge

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The Hennepin

Artwork title: Note to Self
Artist: Mika Myron

Note to Self by Mika Dalbec

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The Chambers Hotel

Artwork title: Life’s Leash
Artist: Mo O’Laughlin
Instagram: @mo_olaughlin

Life’s Leash by Mo O’Laughlin

Artwork title: Loved
Artist: Jessica Williams
Instagram: @jwilliams_art

Loved by Jessica Williams

Artwork title: Birds on a Wire Teapot
Artist: Layl McDill
Instagram: @laylmcdill

Birds on a Wire Teapot by Layl McDill

Artwork title: Study of Norma Bassett Hall, in Magenta
Artist: Lili Lennox
Instagram: @gildedlili


Artwork title: Mirror
Artist: Dorinda Tveit

Mirror by Dorinda Tveit


Artwork title: Dancing Iris
Artist: Umbreen Hasan
Instagram: @umbreenhasan

Dancing Iris by Umbreen Hasan


Artwork title: Kamakura
Artist: Sonya Berlovitz
Instagram: @sonyaberlovitz

Kamakura by Sonya Berlovitz


Artwork title: Create
Artist: Melanie Graves
Instagram: @_, 

Create by Melanie Graves


Artwork title: Fun in the Sun, Bde Maka Ska
Artist: Rajine the Queen
Instagram: @whataweirdkidcreates

Fun in the Sun

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The Chambers Gallery

Artwork title: Space
Artist: Melanie Bethke
Instagram: @purplesmear

Space by Melanie Bethke


Artwork title: Concentric Circles
Artist: Emily Victory
Instagram: @emvictorystudio

Concentric Circles by Emily Victory

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Pence Building

Artwork title: My Curves are Legendary
Artist: Melodee Strong
Instagram: @mstrong73

My Curves are Legendary by Melodee Strong


Artwork title: The Awakening
Artist: Mai Tran
Instagram: @mmai.tran

The Awakening by Mai Tran


Artwork title: Nature Sees
Artist: Elsa Black
Instagram: @elsasartagram

Nature Sees by Elsa Black


Artwork title: Tettegouche
Artist: Vincent DeZutti
Instagram: @vdezutti

Tettegouche by Vincent DeZutti


Artwork title: A Boy Among Angels
Artist: Roman Buck
Instagram: @cowboyramens

A Boy Among Angels by Roman Buck


Artwork title: Untitled
Artist: Danny Sigelman
Instagram: @papersleeves

Untitled by Danny Sigelman

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727 Hennepin Ave.

Artwork title: Granny Donuts Interior
Artist: Carolyn Swiszcz
Instagram: @carolyn_swiszcz

Granny Donuts Interior by Carolyn Swiszcz

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The Pantages Theatre

Artwork title: Coffee and Paint Stain Celine Vest
Artist: Savior Allen-Knight
Instagram: @human.jawn

Coffee and Paint Stain Celine Vest by Savior Allen-Knight


Artwork title: Harlem Cultural Festival 1969
Artist: Rammy McKee
Instagram: @commanderrammy

Harlem Cultural Festival 1969 by Rammy McKee

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City Center

Artwork title: 2 Connections
Artist: Amira Ibrahim

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The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts

Artwork title: New Green
Artist: Cyrus Carlson

New Green by Cyrus Carlson


Artwork title: Faces
Artist: Sophia Abrams
Instagram: @sophiaabrams

Faces by Sophia Abrams

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