Bill and Beverly Cottman - "Four Women's LOVE"

LOVE by Bill and Beverly Cottman and Ebrima Sarge

About the artwork

LOVE – expressed in bold colors and simple geometric shapes are juxtaposed in such a way as to suggest a joyful dance. We evoke the personalities of four women who  represent love, optimism, vitality and empathy. They signal to the world that hope for a better tomorrow is always the best option. The strength garnered from traditions like patchwork quilting and storytelling provide the catalyst for creating the techniques needed to heal a broken world.

Meet the artists

Bill Cottman
Photographer, Writer, Projectionist
Currently creating visualizations for meditation on the lives of four women.

Beverly Cottman
Storyteller, Interdisciplinary Artist
Blending visual, literary, and performance art to create dynamic narratives from stories, folktales, and fables of the African Diaspora.

Ebrima Sarge
Visual Artist, Musician
Using music and drawing to express and deepen my understanding of heritage and culture.

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