Caleb McEwen

Artistic Director, Brave New Workshop

Caleb McEwen (he/him/his) is the Artistic Director of the Brave New Workshop. He is responsible for all aspects of Brave New Workshop’s artistic production, and he has served in this capacity for over two decades.  He was originally hired as a performer by the theatre’s founder, Dudley Riggs, in 1996. During his tenure, Caleb has been involved in over 100 Brave New Workshop productions spanning a multitude of venues throughout the Twin Cities. He has also produced and performed in countless events for corporate clients in over a dozen countries.

Caleb is also a world-class knife thrower, performing nationally with Twin Cities-based troupe The Danger Committee. In addition to their long-running holiday show A Stocking Full of Awesome, The Danger Committee has performed at events and festivals across the country for well over a decade. Caleb can be seen appearing with them regularly.