Health and safety protocols in our theatres

Kolie Shaw

Event Coordinator

At the Hennepin Theatre Trust, Kolie’s (Xe/Xem/Xeir) role is to deliver exceptional service to each client, patron and staff member by facilitating each event and aiding its finest vision come to life. Growing up with a mother who started a non-profit theater company, Kolie knows the ins and outs of grand performance and events. Whether our space is booked for your next fashion show, corporate event or Broadway production, Kolie will be smiling at your side while addressing each question, concern and endeavor.

Kolie achieved xeir BFA in Performance with an emphasis in Directing and is a proud working artist in the Twin Cities. Xeir work aims to breakdown societal hierarchy, unravel colonial capitalism and push thought beyond social constructs. Beyond the Trust and performance art projects, xe spends time watching documentaries, being in nature and organizing for animals’ rights.

“No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution…revolution is but thought carried into action.” -Emma Goldman