Hennepin Theatre Trust Broadway season updates

Meena Mangalvedhekar

Public Art Manager

Meena Mangalvedhekar joined Hennepin Theatre Trust in 2018 and serves as public art manager. She is a practicing visual artist and projectionist in the field of public art and placemaking, and a sought-after advisor in the Twin Cities arts community.

She is interested in examining and exploring existing nodes of systems around us. Through public programming and technology driven placemaking experiments, Meena strives to connect community and place. She believes in helping community organizations utilize these instruments to creatively claim and transform public spaces.

As a transplant from India, Meena finds it difficult at times to make a new home in Minnesota and often notices similar struggles among different demographics living in the Twin Cities. That has led her to form a contemporary and often metaphorical language in her attempts to approach a wide range of subjects affecting the well-being of her community. She currently serves on the board of Creative Enterprise Zone in St. Paul. Meena has also been actively engaged on the nonprofit boards of Forecast Public Art, Emerge Community Development and the public art collective Minneapolis Arts on Wheels.