Vaccine policy and safety protocols in our theatres

Syl Jones

Syl Jones is an award-winning communications executive and playwright, working within a major health system in the Twin Cities to institute narrative healthcare practices and competencies. He recently received a Bush Foundation award to study narrative medicine and its potential impact on health and healing in both patients and clinicians. His personal mission is, “To create clarity around complexity.” He works with providers and patients to bring the humanities back into medicine and continue Hennepin County Medical Center’s legacy of excellent, patient-centered care. He has been in business since 1988, working with companies as disparate as Kerr-McGee, Burger King, Honeywell, The St. Paul Companies, General Mills, Medtronic, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and dozens of non-profit organizations. He employs public relations, media relations, video and website development expertise for his clients. Jones currently serves as the Trust Board’s secretary on the executive committee.