Brighton McCormick - "Growth"

Brighton McCormick - "Growth" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

In spite of death and loss and physical isolation our plants and our community continues to grow. The warmth of spring has come to the Midwest and the frozen waters flow again. Our gardens will bud with new life, marking the passing of time, reminding us that all things come to an end. For many of us all we can do is wait, but small actions, like the planting of a seed, lead to big things.

Meet the artist

I am a maker – maker of objects, images, spaces, sounds, reflections, sentences and mistakes. My heavily material-based practice incorporates handcrafted objects, 2D images, as well as sound and video typically resulting in installed environments. I often combine various mediums, but the resulting works live in the domain of sculpture. Utilizing experimental casting techniques for metal and clay I fossilize memories and reflections of everyday moments and formed ideologies.

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