Current Donors

Guarantor (10,000+)

Scott Benson and Joe Andrews
Steve, Barbara, Natalia and Lucas Cossack
William and Terry Dircks
Darren, Sharon and Corrina Hanifl
Steve and Diane Hanson
Tom Hoch and Mark Addicks
Mike and Linda Kennedy
Todd and Keri Mangis
Fred and Ann Moore
Brian Pietsch
Four Promises
Bob and Celeste Rekieta
Jeannine Rivet and Warren Herreid II
Ann Simonds and Ken Rosenblum

Financier ($5,000 – $9,999)

Jeannine Bayard and Kip Lilly
Geraldine Berwald
Karin Birkeland and Lee Mitau
Greg and Sally Booth
Ralph and Peggy Burnet
Andrea Christenson
Elam Baer and Janis Clay
Kittie Fahey
Linda Ireland and Susan Gillman
Kathy and Mike Gullickson
Mark Marjala
Linda and Jim Milow
Dr. Mark and Nancy Nelson
Jennifer and Jay Novak
GPS Foundation
Bud Rotter Family Foundation
John Stang
Ann and John Stauch
Michael and Terri Uline

Benefactor ($2,500 – $4,999)

Sara and Ranjit Ahluwalia
Travis Barkve
Friends of the State, Orpheum and Pantages Theatres
David Bianchi
Priscilla Brewster
Elizabeth A Canis
Dr. Scott and Caroline Colson
Dan and Cassie Cramer
Martha Dayton and Thomas Nelson
Dr. Mary Ebert and Paul Stembler
Dave and Chantel Erickson
Harvey Filister and Ted Blair
Gloria Freeman
Ian and Carol Friendly
Pat and Carol Goff
Jennifer Gross and Jerry LeFevre
Ryan B. Hemauer
Jan and Jeff Hislop
Jon and Beverly Holt
Peter Johnson
Sylvia and Samuel Kaplan
Barbara and Paul Klaas
David and Robyn Lamm
Ross and Bridget Levin
Mark Manbeck and Dr. Drew Spencer
Deborah Marshall
Dr. Peter Sershon & Debbie Mastella-Sershon
Keith M Schwartzwald
Jack and Terri McKeon
David & Jennifer Miller
Marianne E. Merriman
Bob Mersky
Beth and Jeff Monsrud
Virginia Hubbard Morris
Jane Mortell
Patricia Ploetz
Thomas and Gwynn Rosen
Douglas and Carol Skanse
Belinda Strobel
John P. Thysell
Julie Beth Vipperman
J. Thomas Vitt and Kamala Udayamurthy
Shin Bee Waldorn and family

Investor ($1,000 – $2,499)

Joan Abbott and Karen Roehl
Shannon and Aaron Allison
Bob and Nancy Anderson Family Fund of the Mpls. Foundation
David and Stephanie Anderson
Rachel, Mark, Regan, and Jaden Anderson
Sandra Lee Anderson
Alison and Michael Armstrong
J Scott and Sue Arrell
Peter Bachman and Janet Rice
Frank and Peggy Bailey
Michael Baxter
Brandon, Catherine & Bailey Beck
Al and Jeanne Beenken
Bob and Wendy Behrens
Ralph E. Bell Jr.
Peter Bell and Sharon Bottorff
Bettini Family
LeRoy Blanchette
Judy Blaseg and John Engelen
Rolf and Chris Bolstad
Carol and Rory Boucha
Mary Borgmann and Mickey Welle
Melissa Borman
Chad and Dawn Brommer
William Brown
Brownlee Family
William and Susan Buesing
Steven and Erin Buss
John and Sonia Cairns
Brad and Joanna Callahan
Carlson Family Foundation
Michele and Curtis Carstens
Paul and Dave Carter
David and Jane Christ
Jane and Ogden Confer
Jeanine and Patrick Cunnien
Jay and Betsy Cutcliffe
Jeff and Karen Dahlquist
Wendy Dayton
Nancy and Jan Doebbert
Jeff and Anita Donnelly
Thomas and Kaye Dooley
Tim Dordell and Kirk Ballard
Jacqui Dorsey and Richard Michels
Jack and Kay Dunne
Pete Eckerline
Thor and Karina Einarson
Ekstrand Family Fund
Michele and Mark Engdahl
Ginger Etzold
Caryn Fine and Beth Swedberg
Ron Fingerhut
Andrew Fried
Betsy Koonce and Joe Fromm
Philly’s Dad
Jeff and Jenny Geisler
Steve and Peni Gensler
Alan and Audrey Gerhardt
Paul G Gertenbach and Katherine E Reed
Brian Gilligan and Steve Pospisil
Richard Ginsberg
Ann and Jim Gosack
Christopher Gottshall and Adam Pierce
R. Hunt Greene and Jane Piccard
Harrison & Marissa Grodnick
Anne and John Groton
Joan Anderson Growe
Paul and Kate Habegger
Phillip B. Haber Psy. D.
Jim and Sue Haigh
Beth Haney and Scott Moore and family
Stephen and Paula Hari
Kenneth Harris
David Hartwell and Elizabeth De Baut
Gail and Don Hayes
Tim and Shanna Hawkinson
Donna Hecker
Brett Heffes
Daniel Hetman
Richard and Carrie Higgins
L J Hipkiss
John Hoch
John and Beverly Holt
Ron Hoffman
DeAnna and John Hollerud
Nick and Terri Houle
Bruce and Jeannine Hubbard
Catherine Jackson
James and Sandra Jensen
Dick and Beverly Jergenson
Jeannie and Paul Joas
Grant Kamin
Sean and Betsy Kearney
John and Lynda Kern
Rick and Jamie Kiefer
Gary and Janean Kleist
Bernie and June Knutson
Karen D. Krenik and Robert C. Hoch
Arnold and Charlotte Labofsky
Kathleen M. Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. William Laughlin
Tom Leach and Mary Kroon
Joel Lebewitz
Amanda Lindberg-Aganga
Bonnie and Stephen Litton
Daniel and Corina Loes
David and Beverly Lohs
Ann Lowry and John Overton
Phil Ludeman
Paul R. Lyon, CFP CRPC
Robby and Jorie Malk
Jane Mauer
Chuck and Carol Modell
Moitz Family
Rosanne Monten
Wende and Jim Morrell
Matt and Marty Mueller
Chad W. Nelson
Dr. Myrel Neumann
Joe Niemi
Randy and Donna Odegaard
Jann and Renee Olsten
David Orbuch
Jim and Kathy Parsons
JoAnne Pastel and Bill Dunlap
Naomi and Greg Pesky
Dan Pfeiffer
Adam and Roxann Pike
Jim and Denise Potter Family Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation
John R. Pribnow
Steve and Amy Raetz
Steve and Julie Ransom
Al and Nancy Rausch
Gene Rerat
Nancy and Kevin Rhein
John and Kirsten Rice
Robb and Tina Richter
Robin Ritter and Ben Emmons
Bud and Kathy Rooney Family
Doug and Patricia Ruth
William and Carol Ryan
Matthew and Susan Samuelson
Michele Mogged and Greg Sannan
Ron and Sue Santrach
Kim Scanlan
Noel Schenker
Brad and Andrea Scott
Daniel and Melonie Sebring
Bob and Pam Senkler
Rossy and Richard Shaller
K Dawn and Max Shemesh
Scot Sherwood
Char Shopek
Michelle D. Singleton
Dr. Bill Smith and Susan Kolze
Gregory, Piper, Tavia and Grayson Snyder
Wayne and Jan Stahl
Bob and Sandy Stein
Ralph Strangis
Sean and Christa
Steven Tallant
Jason and Gina Tschetter
Daniel, Jennifer, Raina & Zoey Tenenbaum
Annette Thompson Meeks
The Tiller Family Foundation
Meredith and Sam Tutterow
Brian VanderWaal and Jeff Hlavacek
Todd and Maria Vojta
Steve and Dee Wagner
David C Warner
Laurie Waterman
Kathy Welander
Karen and Jim Welch
D and C Westerberg
Dodd and Ginger Wilson
Gary and Connie Winter
Cathy and John Wolf
Kevin and Melaina Youngberg
Diane and Larry Zavadil
Ali and Carl Zinn
Adam and Anna Ziskin

Supporter ($500 – $999)

Anonymous (11)
Janet & Ken Adams
New Frontier Lawn Care
Shannon and Aaron Allison
Rick & Cynthia Anderson
Frank and Peggy Bailey
Suzanne Balzer
Brandon, Catherine & Bailey Beck
Sanaya Bharucha
Anthony Boe, D.D.S.
Sharon bredeson
M Susan Burns
E. Tim Carl
Doug and Annie Cooley
J. Cornelius
Jan Cotton
Ann Decker and Dave Bunde
Charles Denny
Susan and Ian Drummond
Steve and Mary Jule Erickson
Jane & Dan Fesler
D. Fong’s Chinese Cuisine
Roland & Alvera Franceschi
Dr. Leah M. Gordon, DNP
Joe and Loa Gray
R. Hunt Greene & Jane Piccard
Wendy and Chuck Gugel
Daniel A. Hetman
Diane & Anthony Hofstede
Bruce & Carole Humphrys
Daniel Jacobson
Ron and Debbie Jans
Nancy Johnson would like this donation be used for someone to attend The Lion King
Lee Ann Jorgenson
Jennifer Kaatz
Jayne Kennelly
William R Kleckner
David and Betsy Knapp
Deb, Scott, and Julia Knight
Maximillian Shemesh and K Dawn Kohlman-Shemesh
Erik & Cheryl Kolz
Gerry & DeeDee Kummer
James D. and Johanna L. Lamm
1722 Morningside Ave
Delores & Sheldon Levin
Bust Out Solutions, Inc.
Craig A MacLeod
Ryan and Denise Mallery
Bill Manahan
Cathy McCoy
Counsel Wealth Management, Inc.
Sean Mertes
Michael & CJ Miller –
In memory of Gloria Strom
Kara Murphy Tweedy
James Myers
Cathy Nelson
Colin & Donna Norman
Wendy K Nove
James Odland
Michael J. and Nancy O’Laughlin
Linda Olson
Ryan and Aly Palmer
Buzz and Carolyn Pierce
Adam & Roxann Pike
Gerilyn Potter
Thomas Powell and Paul Hill
Robin Ritter and Ben Emmons
Jim and Cathy Robin
Robert Roche
Ed and Jenni Ryan
Pat and Kathy Sauter
Mark & Susan Scharenbroich
The Fair Inc./Dancing Fair
Ken & Katie Searl
Jim Sheeley
Brian & Marty Ohana
Peter and Serene Simon
Bill and Carin Simpson
Michelle D. Singleton
Bill and Becky Smith
Dr. Bill Smith & Susan Kolze
Cynthia Spongberg
Scott Stallman & Katherine Glynn
Ruth Stoner
Patricia Strong
Terence and Carolyn Sullivan
Tara Syring
Dale & Laurie Tremain
Jason and Gina Tschetter
Vicki Underland-Rosow & Ric Rosow
Jill Vass
Thomas Venne
Karen and Bill Walkowski
Dr and Mrs. Nicholas M. Wetjen

Associate ($250 – $499)

Anonymous (8)
Heidi Adamson-Baer & Bill Baer
Mike and Jackie Akin
Coverra Insurance Services, Inc.
Cindy Berglund-Little
Diane Bishop
Larry Blake on behalf of Murray Spivack
Thomas M. Boyce
Bromley Printing, Inc.
Harry Burns
Dave Colwell
Jeremy Coughlin
Mary Czech
Jean Des Marais
Linda Donaldson
Jan Foster
Visala and Joe Goswitz
Jeff & Carol Haff
Erin Harney
John and Diane Herman
Dennis Hill
Christine Hills
David & Deb Irvin
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jensen
Nancy & Les Jones
Donald Kaiser
Casey Kelly
Glenn Kline
Lisa and Ron Kline
Robert Knoll
Janice Kostad
Alex & Kirstin Kranz
Lisa E Krohn
Patricia L. Landers
Paula J. Larson
Teri Larson Krusack
Tim and CJ Lechtenberg
Bill and Debbie LeTexier
John C. Levy
Terri Luzovich
Craig J. Maas
Jill M Manske
Dr. Nathan Marti
Kelly Kaye
Terry Merritt
Sonny and Amy Miller
Leni and David Moore, Jr
Le Mar Nelson
Dr and Mrs Craig E Newell
Carol Nustad
Margaret Odlaug
Cynthia and Jerry Petricca
Lori Pinkelman and Timothy Sjoquist
Henry Pryor
Alex Richman
Elena Rosas
Rich and Sherry Ruohonen
Jill Rusterholz
Bonnie and Wayne Sandbulte
Dr. & Mrs. Craig Santolin
David, Karen and Makena Scott
Lee Sheehy
Tonia Shupien
Barbara K Sletten
Michael Smithson
Sean Stalpes
Mayna Stancill
randy steinman
Jay and Betsy Stockwell
Diane Hill Strand
Stephanie Sunnarborg
Laura Terwisscha
Alan Wagner
Tiller Family Foundation
P & M Westerberg
Jeremy Wells

Friend ($1 – $249)

Judy Adams
Nancy K Amenrud
Beth and Rick Anderson
Howard Ansel
Bob & Gail Barsness
Janet Bartels and Phil Bohl
Suanne Barthol
Roger Battreall
Linda S Bergerson
Larry and Mary Bergin
Laura and Dan Black
Ryan Boekelheide
Myles Borstad
Colonel Judith Bowers
Beth M Brown
Jim & Sara Brown
Linda Buchholz
A. E. Calvert
Jill Carlson
Mark Carpenter
Sheila and Tom Casper
Laurie and Scott Clements
Pam Dagoberg
Wendy DeGeest
Caren Dewar
Kenneth Dickmann
Ray Diekrager
Frank Drown
Katie Dryden
Jay and Tabatha Erck
Veronica Erspamer
James and Rachel Eubanks
Kelli Foster Warder
Susan Gerstner
Barbara Golden
Jack & Susan Graber
Janet Grove
Amanda Hestwood
Jamie Hornibrook
Scott Hugdahl and Leslie Martens
Ralph Jenson
Barbara Johnson
Maria Johnson
Stacy Kohout
Joe and Ellen Konstan
Neal Kraemer
Karen Kusba
Laurel & Scott Lifson
Matt & Angie Lindberg
David Marietta
Connie McDonnell
Richard McFall
Brian McMillin
Robert Moorlach
Nicholas J Naumann
Mary Nutt
Shanna O’Leary
Penelope Olson
Debra Olson
Jamin O’Malley
Anonymous (12)
Marc and Lisa Paylor
Lindsey Peay
Eileen Perra
Gale Peterson
Keith Peterson
Amy Plagge
Denise Raunig
Audrey Riddle
David and Dorelle Rosenberg
Peter Rothstein and Omar Guevara Soto
Michael D. Russell
Kari Ruth
Steven Sanderson
Patricia Sandvik
Gary Schlieckert
Jeff & Shannon Schmidt
Schwefel Family
Lisa Sdraulig
David Simpson
Spicuzza Family
G. Warren and Susan Steincross
Hildy Swedean
Kelly Tarman
Steve & Kathy Tri
Inger Trooien
Jean Orbison Van Heel
Dave & Melissa Wagner
Kevin & Jen Wassenaar
JK Wikstrom
AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC