Edwin Yang

Edwin Yang - Hennepin Theatre Trust Billboard Project artwork

About the artwork

Our cities, country and the world aren’t whole or complete right now. Dreams, realities and lives have been shattered into pieces. Everything is messed up all over. While many stay inside working on puzzles, essential employees are dealing with similar but more important struggles. Picking up the pieces and making order out of chaos. Working together towards a common vision. Solving problems one at a time. Maintaining focus when the the task at hand seems daunting and difficult. For we are learning it isn’t our industries, sports teams, politicians, man made or natural attractions that make our cities great. It’s the people — the heart, backbone and soul of a city — which will determine its future fate

Meet the artist

Edwin Yang
I like to examine the dualities of the world. Exploring the borders of opposing forces and how they confront and complement each other.

To learn more about Edwin Yang, visit EdwinYang.com.

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