November 11 - 20, 2016

From musical theater’s most renowned composer, Company is largely regarded as a trailblazer of the dark-comedy, modern-musical genre and winner of seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Lyrics and Best Book.

On the night of his 35th birthday, confirmed bachelor, Robert, contemplates his unmarried state.  Over the course of a series of dinners, drinks and even a wedding, his friends – “those good and crazy people [his] married friends” – explain the pros and cons of taking on a spouse.  The habitually single Robert is forced to question his adamant retention of bachelorhood during a hilarious and heartbreaking array of interactions.

Featuring a brilliantly brisk and energetic score containing many of his best known songs, Stephen Sondheim’s groundbreaking modern musical is a mature, intelligent, and wildly funny look at relationships, vulnerability and “being alive”.