Student Opportunities

Directing 101 Student Masterclass

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 4:30 pm


Jason Sparks

Directing is a tough job – bringing together a team of technicians, performers, and artists to realize a singular vision for a show. What does it take to make it all work? How can we give our cast and crew the best possible tools and resources to succeed? Join Jason A. Sparks of the Creative Artist Network to hone your skills as a director! Come prepared to learn and ask questions in the Q&A!


JASON A SPARKS is a director and choreographer based out of New York City. Over the past 10 years, Jason has worked in a wide range of mediums, from Broadway to independent films, from concert dance to award shows, all while trying to stay true to his core belief that art has the power and responsibility to challenge, form, shape, and escape the world around us.

THE CREATIVE ARTIST NETWORK is a vast network of theater teaching artists who are eager to share what they’ve learned in their respective careers. They aim to bridge the gap between a practical understanding of techniques and the undeniable power of each student’s individuality and unique creativity, making space for artistic expansion.