Lit Voices

Lit Voices featuring E.G. Bailey and Shá Cage

Friday, August 16, 2019 at 1:00 am

Event Center

Lit Voices is a monthly series designed to honor and acknowledge community contributions of hometown poets, spoken word and rap artists. This free event will take place in the Jack Link’s Legend Lounge at 900 Hennepin each month and will be emceed by international poet, co-founder and frontman for Edupoetic Enterbrainmen, Tiyo Siyolo.

Each event will include a DJ – the four DJs who will rotate through each event are DJ Snuggles, Dot La Roc, Huh? What?? and Anthony Smoke D.

E.G. Bailey and Shá Cage, respectively from Liberia and Mississippi, represent the diasporic legacy of the mother continent of Africa and the American South. Theirs is a performance collaboration blending and bending words, layered voices, and cacophonous rhythms reminiscent of Sekou Sundiata mixed with Tracie Morris.

Bailey and Cage are each nationally recognized spoken word performance artists, and founders of countless collectives, organizations, radio shows, and have traveled widely to areas such as England, Mali, South Africa, Bosnia, Canada, France, Japan, and more performing their work that largely centers around topics of identity, freedom, cultural celebration, and home. To witness their performance is to observe a refreshing spin on the art form of rhythmic performance poetry — Bailey’s smooth effortless delivery marrying seamlessly with Cages fiery and often explosive style. They are both recipients of Regional Emmy Awards and Ivey Awards, were named Power Couple of the Year by MSP Magazine and hold several career fellowships. They are proud parents of two lively boys who enjoy basketball drawing and dancing.

Ms. Lutunji is the CEO and founder of Voices of Effective Change, Inc. and will host the Lit Voices series through August 2019. Voices of Effective Change, Inc. is a community advocacy and public relations company with the mission to send the effective voice to the masses, stand with young parents and their parents using the tools of personal empowerment and community development.