FaceMePorFavor - "Don't Throw This Away"

Face Me Por Favor - "Every Face Has a Story" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

The idea is to showcase the real faces and stories of residents during this time and bring awareness to our neighbors here in Minnesota and across the world. No one is alone right now, and this project is about reminding us that community isn’t just a locally used term. Humanity is all a part of the same community and this billboard can deliver a message of solidarity. These portraits are of residents around the globe who have shared their stories with the project, “Don’t Throw This Away.” This billboard is an open invitation to participate.

Meet the artists

We are both street artists and muralists, focusing on artwork that has more purpose than being art for art’s sake. With our art we strive to educate, build bridges, and bring beauty to the urban environment.

To learn more about Victoria Eidelsztein and Matt Litwin, follow their Facebook page and Instagram.

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