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Awa Mally

Awa MallyAwa Mally is a Togolese photographer based in Minneapolis. Born in Togo she immigrated with her family to Minnesota in 2003. Always having an interest in arts and culture, she was involved in many youth programs growing up though not having much support. Taking her first art opportunity outside of school at 16 by joining the Walker Art Center’s teen arts program, she was inspired to take on her passion. In 2016 she began photographing for a social justice group she started with her peers and has been pursuing photography since. As a self-taught photographer, she’s accomplished many things such as working for local organizations like the Science Museum and the Walker Art Center. Mally has been featured in Vice Magazine and shot the single cover for global musician Afro B. Her ultimate goal in life is to create programs for youth and marginalized people to gain more access to arts and technology, and to build bridges between cultures and communities.

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