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Nemuel Sereti

Nemuel Sereti portraitNemuel Sereti is a Kenyan photographer based in Minneapolis. Born in Kenya, he immigrated with his family to Minnesota in 2008. An innatepassion for storytelling fuels Nemuel through visual arts. Growing up in Kenya in the late 90s, his mother always documented the meaningful moments in life. The many photo albums and home videos she has curated and kept throughout the years tell these stories. His childhood and surroundings have influenced his photography’s colorful and soft style. As an artist, Nemuel is still learning and mastering photography, thanks to inspiration garnered from the many amazing artists that he admires. He can’t imagine life without the freedom to create and continuously pours his heart into photography and storytelling. Through his photos, Nemuel loves to capture the raw emotions of the subjects he photographs, using his art to make meta statements about life.