Kathy McTavish - "Thinking of You"


Kathy McTavish Hennepin Theatre Trust Billboard Project artwork

About the artwork

These past months, as this virus spread, I have been thinking about love, grief, courage, the ways we support each other and the ways we fail each other. I thought about the everyday heroes — nurses, doctors, janitors, small farmers, field workers, truck drivers, grocery clerks, stockers, delivery drivers, day-care workers, teachers, first responders — I am thankful for this opportunity to express love and gratitude to my community.

Meet the artist

Kathy McTavish
As a media composer and installation artist, I create chance-infused, open systems. I use generative methods to build networked, multichannel video and sound environments — cross-sensory, polyphonic landscapes which flow through the digital web (the sky, the cloud) into physical spaces.

To learn more about Kathy McTavish, visit McTavish.io.

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