Katie Blanchard - "Still Blooming"

Katie Blanchard- "Still Blooming" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

We are facing immense loss, grief, and despair and also witnessing transformational acts of solidarity, care and hope as we help each other navigate COVID-19 together (and safely six feet apart). To get through this and not “return to normal,” but rather create a different and better new normal, we will need to be able to hold the grief and hope all at once – which we can. We are resilient. It’s no surprise that many of our metaphors and sayings about resilience come from the natural world around us – weathering the storm, being rooted, etc. – and from that toughness, we still bloom.

Meet the artist

Katie Blanchard is an artist and designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her art practice began making zines in the back of class in her hometown in Northern Michigan, and is suffused with the hope-in-the-dark-winter spirit of all the Midwestern places she has called home. She is an avid reader and a Spanish interpreter, and her work explores language, history, memory, patterns, and place.

To learn more about Katie Blanchard, visit Katie-Blanchard.com or follow her on Instagram.

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