Kristine Heykants - Identity

Kristine Heykants instructs students at FAIR School in portraiture photography

Future location: 10 S 10th St. (The FAIR School)

Subjects: Participating students from The FAIR School- Faaya Adem, Masnoo Adem, Yohannes Belete, Xavier Biggs, Savion Black, Latreese Brown, Tre’Von Calaway, Felix Corrigan, Griffin Dorius, Jace Edington, Emma Huffman, Seoki Kahler, Kadija Noor, Eva Smith, T’Aaliyah Smith, Sula Soliel, Keegan Strum, Hannah Washington, and Alex Van Dyke

About the artwork

Kristine led high school students from The FAIR School in exploring identity through the lens of photography, creating banner images to be displayed publicly on the school building exterior.

Using historic and contemporary examples as a point of departure, students investigated portraiture within the context of visual communications and personal expression. The workshop immersed teenagers in the creative process, allowing experimentation with different personas through a mixture of visual research, reflection and technical instruction.

Students walked away with an understanding about layers of meaning in portraiture and its cousins the snapshot and selfie, producing portraits that provide an empowering platform of visibility for these young people at this stage of their lives.

Meet the artist

Kristine Heykants’ work lies at the intersection of storytelling and art, as she seeks to unearth humanity and values while finding beauty in the familiar and every day. She looks to pioneering psychologist Carl Jung’s concept of archetypes as a way to describe roles played by humans throughout history.

Kristine holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and a BFA in Art and Design. She has received grants from the Jerome Foundation, McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota State Arts Board. She exhibits widely and teaches photography at Minneapolis College.

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The FAIR School portraits

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