LGBTQIA+ History on Hennepin

Scott Mayer

Scott Mayer and John Zeches on either side of a larger than life-sized Academy Award statue, tipped to the right as if they were carrying it off, both holding it from opposite sides.

Scott Mayer, Hollywood AIDS Fundraiser Producer, and John Zeches, now husband, in 1999. Photo for MSP Magazine by Marc Norberg.

Scott Mayer is the founder and principal of the sponsorship-marketing agency “Mayer.” Scott grew up in rural South Dakota and fell in love with the theater scene in Minneapolis, galvanized by “Cloud Nine” by British playwright Caryl Churchill at the late, lamented Cricket Theater in 1983. Scott founded the local Ivey Awards for Theater and the Charlies to highlight local restaurant excellence. Scott and husband, John Zeches, produced the Hollywood AIDS Fundraiser, which began as a fun night watching the Oscars at home and evolved into a yearly fundraising gala at the historic State Theatre.

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