LGBTQIA+ History on Hennepin

Shannon Blowtorch

DJ Shannon Blowtorch with hat and large headphones on behind a turntable and compter with head tilted back and pointing upward with one hand.

DJ Shannon Blowtorch, Entertainer, Activist. Circa 2018. Courtesy of Shannon Blowtorch and BFRESH Productions.

Shannon Blowtorch is an award-winning DJ, promoter, professional party thrower, sound engineer, businessperson and entertainment consultant. Shannon has been named the “Best Club DJ” by City Pages and Star Tribune, one of the top 100 DJs by Suntimes and has been featured in both Curve Magazine and Go Magazine.

Shannon currently has a weekly Saturday night show on MPR’s 89.3 The Current. Shannon was the DJ for GRRRL PRTY and has opened for international acts, Salt N Peppa, Madonna, Juicy J, & Peaches, to name a few. Shannon has also played at Prince’s Paisley Park and has been the house DJ for the X Games 2017.

Shannon is currently curating the infamous Dre Day celebration. Along with competing in the world-renowned Red Bull The3style competition, Shannon is one of the hottest DJs in the Twin Cities. Shannon is known for her professionalism, eclectic music collections and her incredible ability to read a crowd to keep the party bumping.

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