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President/Chief Executive Officer

Position Summary
The Hennepin Theatre Trust is at a pivotal and exciting point in their evolution. On December 1, 2022, The Trust paid off the remaining $14M bonds issued by the City of Minneapolis for the Orpheum, State and Pantages theatres, 13 years ahead of schedule. By redeeming the bonds, Hennepin Theatre Trust has completed the lease with the city and is now poised to accelerate its work as a major performing arts center in rejuvenating and driving the vitality of the Hennepin Theatre District in downtown Minneapolis. It is the new CEO’s opportunity and role to dedicate to take the foundational building blocks that were carefully formulated by the incumbent, and to seize and harness the endless opportunity for the city of downtown Minneapolis. It will be the role of this visionary leader to create and define the strategic direction, articulate the path, and blaze new trails for this organization which is poised for great success.

The President/CEO is responsible for the successful leadership and executive management and operations of Hennepin Theatre Trust. The CEO works in collaboration with the Board of Directors, its civic partners of downtown Minneapolis, and the broader community to create and implement a long-term vision and strategic plan to sustain, preserve and enhance the Historic Theatre District and its role as a cultural hub in Minneapolis, with regional and state presence.

The President/CEO will ensure the scope and delivery of arts-related activities including Broadway and other theater, to a wide variety of stakeholders, including patrons, donors, sponsors, employees, and other constituents.  This individual will also ensure the financial and programmatic integrity of The Trust’s operations, including, but not limited to, executing the mission of the organization, delivering diverse, high-quality programming, fundraising, achieving budgets for earned and contributed support, adhering to internal financial controls, establishing effective operational and people and team practices and maintaining a variety of external contractual relationships.

This role requires a person who will lead, inspire, and manage others, and will promote and ensure a thriving cultural district centered on Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.

The successful candidate will be a “purpose-driven” leader who will understand the wider impact that the theatre district can have on the life of a broader community. The candidate will value providing a home for local artists, inclusivity, and a platform for voices and community engagement through its next stages of development.  He/she will be an articulate, visionary leader not only for the organization, but for the community. The CEO will also be a collaborative and politically savvy leader, one who can understand and appreciate the nuances and sensitivities of politics and continue The Trust’s strong and healthy relationships with the City of Minneapolis and elected officials.

It is CEO’s role to serve The Trust’s many constituents — the city, donors, corporate sponsors/partners, community, and other arts organizations — and for attracting and retaining resources. He/she will be charged with creating positive heightened awareness of the Hennepin Theatre district through inspiring messaging, by improving the physical appearance, maintenance, and operation, and by creating a district that is a vibrant, safe and attractive destination for cultural and entertainment activities. The successful candidate will create an organizational culture of teamwork, accountability and trust characterized by proactive decision making, open communication and strategic financial management.  The CEO will build a culture reflective of The Trust’s mission and values; he/she will have the ability to lead a “mission driven” staff who believes passionately in the arts and serving the community and will guide them to understand how their work connects to a higher cause. He/she will also commit to equity, inclusion and diversity and translate these principles into action throughout the organization.


Working Relationships

The President/CEO is accountable to Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Board of Directors. As the leader of the Hennepin Theatre Trust, he/she is charged with overseeing internal and external activities and external relations. Currently, the President/CEO has seven direct reports and oversight of a total staff of approximately 120.  Direct reports include Director of Booking, Director of External Relations, Interim Chief Administrative Officer, Director of Development, Director of Finance, Director of Operations and Production, Director of Education and Public Partnerships, and an Executive Assistant.


Principal Duties and Key Accountabilities
Strategic Vision and Leadership

  • Serve as a committed, visionary, and accessible leader of The Trust with a true connection to the organization’s community, artists, audiences, donors and sponsors.
  • Ensure dynamic and diverse program offerings while staying loyal to The Trusts mission, vision and values.
  • Ensure the Trust is a leader and active partner in its education-related endeavors, including those serving schools and community organizations.
  • Lead the organization’s strategic vision effectively with the Board to ensure that all community, artistic and financial decisions are mission-aligned.
  • Demonstrate a collaborative leadership style in a wide range of settings that inspires internal and external stakeholders to participate in The Trust’s vibrant and exciting future.
  • Embrace the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and access to ensure an organizational culture that respects different perspectives and nurtures an environment of empowerment at all levels throughout the community.
  • Build and maintain a top-flight team of individuals who themselves are driven leaders.
  • Actively seek out and respond to opportunities for growth through programs, earned revenue and contributed income.

Governance, Financial Oversight and Operations

  • Guide The Trust as a committed and visionary leader through the creation of pathways for innovative programs, partnerships, and revenue opportunities.
  • Lead the development, implementation, evaluation, and ongoing review of the Trust’s strategic plan.
  • Create an ongoing funding model that supports the strategic plan and ensures fiscal and financial success and growth of The Trust.
  • Oversee the management and operations of the Trust’s five major performance/arts and cultural event venues.
  • Demonstrate solid fiscal acumen, including overseeing organizational budgets, controlling expenditures, creating forecasting models, and developing financial analysis, all while maintaining the highest level of integrity for all financial activities of The Trust.
  • Operate within an annually approved and balanced budget, achieving earned and contributed earnings consistent with annual development
  • Oversee The Trust’s compliance of their contractual agreements with partners such as BAA, insurance agreements, rights/royalties, and vendors. Additionally, oversee operations managed by external consultants and contracted partners.
  • As needed, negotiate, and execute future contracts on behalf of The Trust.
  • Oversee organizational effectiveness, process improvement, increased capacity needs, succession management and workforce planning.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of the Board of Directors and facilitate timely and accurate flow of information to and from the Board.
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies including municipal, state and federal
  • Coordinate Board involvement in a variety of activities in support of the organization’s
  • Communicate openly and consistently in full transparency to inspire the organization’s growth across all business areas, in conversation with staff and board members.
  • Achieve annual performance goals as established by the Board of Directors.

Communications, Relationship Building and Community Engagement

  • Act as the primary spokesperson for The Trust throughout the region; develop relationships and engage with a wide variety of constituents, including businesses, academic institutions, elected city, county and state officials, and the media to enhance the organization’s reputation and promote the vision, mission, and values of The Trust.
  • Create and maintain strong ties with community decision makers, government leaders, audiences, the arts community, and sponsors, finding collaborative ways to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Actively seek out new and renewed sources of contributed income by cultivating and deepening relationships with key individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors.
  • Lead efforts to embrace diversity and inclusion as a key element of community engagement, including but not limited to the areas of audience development, workforce vitality, board recruitment and participation and programmatic vibrancy.
  • Oversee and approve marketing and identity programs to ensure continuity, and to convey the excellence of The Trust as a cultural institution and Hennepin Avenue as a destination for arts, culture and inclusivity.
  • Maintain and grow partnerships and alliances with mission-compatible arts and cultural organizations locally, regionally and nationally to expand programs, retain relevance and build community.
  • Re-envision and lead new and innovative approaches to earned revenue models.
  • Leverage board members’ skills and networks to strengthen support of the organization.
  • Build a strategic vision for a comprehensive plan designed to increase contributed revenue while setting the stage for potential future capital projects in partnership with the Director of Development.
  • Support ongoing relationships with a wide range of partners including artists, unions, operational partners and producing partners.

People Management and Organizational Leadership

  • Provide inspirational leadership to all staff and create a culture where everyone feels safe, valued and respected.
  • Maintain and expand an efficient and effective organizational structure for programming, project leadership, fiduciary excellence, fundraising and grant management.
  • Build and mentor self-sufficient teams through training, goal setting, and performance management.
  • Promote a culture of high performance and continuous innovation focused on improving administrative processes and commitment to excellence.
  • Create and sustain an environment of diversity and inclusivity throughout The Trust’s operations.
  • Actively work to advance The Trust’s values, provide alignment and support for the mission, and create a positive and productive work
  • Coach and develop staff using a supportive and collaborative approach on a consistent
  • Establish and monitor staff performance and development goals, assign accountabilities, determine priorities, and conduct annual performance


Experience, Qualifications and Desired attributes

  • Experience in the arts, theatre management, cultural district activation, placemaking activities or related fields.
  • Proven success in financial management, relationship building, and leadership of complex and dynamic organizations is essential.
  • Successful track record and demonstrated success of leading and facilitating organizational transformation and inspiring a high-achieving team of creative professionals.
  • Possess the ability to develop immediate trust with key partners, donors and sponsors.
  • Working knowledge of non-profit organizations, including developing donor, foundation and sponsorship
  • Ability to build relationships across diverse constituent
  • Civic-minded mentality is critical.
  • Demonstrated ability to build a strong organizational identity and position which are respected and well-known.
  • Known for outstanding leadership skills and persuasive story telling ability.
  • Knowledge of, conversationally astute, or demonstrated experience with touring Broadway theatrical presenting, concert and variety entertainment promotions, subscriptions season programming and marketing.
  • Bachelor’s Degree with an advanced degree in business, law, or arts administration preferred.


Key Competencies

  • Shares a contagious passion for The Trust’s mission and the work of creating positive change and civic impact through the arts.
  • Creates and communicates a compelling mission, vision and ability to bring people together for culturally enhancing
  • Champions the development of a high-level strategy that sustains The Trust’s long-term mission and
  • Recognizes new opportunities to further The Trust’s vision, anticipates disruptors, and identifies potential
  • Possesses an appropriate understanding of the Broadway and Non-Broadway business to set direction, ask good questions, provide guidance, and make
  • Possesses an understanding of overall theatre operations to ensure the best possible audience experience and staff working environment.
  • Positively influences the desired customer experience of the people The Trust serves (students, parents, teachers, artists, patrons and donors).
  • Engages in the appropriate level of detail on individual programs (i.e., understanding the purpose, goals/desired outcomes, finances, operations, current trends and multicultural strategy).
  • Navigates and manages interdependencies between and across programs and departments within The Trust and externally with other arts organizations in the community.
  • Is innately curious and fosters a culture of curiosity and innovation, exploring ideas in a way that aligns with the mission of The Trust.
  • Demonstrates ability for continuous improvement through key learnings from current and previous
  • Consistently demonstrates a sincere commitment to fostering a productive and inclusive culture and work
  • Embodies and models trustworthiness, passion and perseverance, an entrepreneurial spirit, is student/artist centric, dynamic and opportunistic, fun and inspiring, and is a builder of community.
  • Ensures the Board understands opportunities and needs, engages them in appropriate levels of problem solving and financial oversight, and communicates with them to ensure a shared understanding of performance and
  • Encourages innovation, a collectively entrepreneurial attitude, and
  • Ability to articulate an innovative vision and build, motivate, and lead a cohesive team, aligned to deliver operational excellence.
  • A demonstrated ability to think strategically and make timely and effective decisions, appropriately balancing risks and benefits in a complex environment.
  • Possesses an appropriate understanding of the Broadway and Non-Broadway business to set direction, ask good questions, provide guidance and make
  • Identifies program performance criteria, defines and measures
  • Evaluates operational and business performance and redirects/identifies improvements as necessary. Understands how to navigate local political environments, especially as it relates to programming in the public
  • Ability to work effectively with the Board of Directors to make decisions.
  • Ambassador to external partners and constituents to ensure community alignment and effective representation as the voice of The Trust.



Recognizing the importance of the position to the organization, Hennepin Theatre Trust will offer an attractive compensation and benefits package, inclusive of a base salary and performance-based bonus commensurate with the size, scope and operating budget of the organization.

All interested parties should contact Elizabeth Vanden Burgt from Schall Executive Search by emailing [email protected] or calling 612-747-9652.


Hennepin Theatre Trust provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or genetics.