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Hennepin Theatre Trust celebrates Heart of Hennepin with “LGTBQIA+ History on Hennepin” exhibit, open during Pride parade

June 21, 2022

Special Pride 2022 presentation of Patrick’s Cabaret on Saturday, July 22

MINNEAPOLIS (June 22, 2022) — Hennepin Theatre Trust is celebrating Heart of Hennepin with its second in a series of four centennial-focused exhibits entitled LGBTQIA+ History on Hennepin on display now in Jack Link’s Legend Lounge in The Hennepin event center (900 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis). The Hennepin Theatre District has historically existed as a fluid, ever-changing representation of the arts through theater, dance, gallery, nightlife and entertainment. As an acronym that also remains accessible to further inclusion, the LGBTQIA+ community continues to contribute to the diversified culture of this dynamic area of downtown.

Throughout the District’s rich history, LGBTQIA+ people and places have been a fixture in the District in literally ever aspect from challenging gender norms during the vaudeville era, defining places of urban respite in the mid-century, protesting and championing civil liberties in the 1970s and 1980s to celebrating diversity through an enormous economic engine and presence with the annual TC Pride Parade and Festival. LGBTQIA+ History on Hennepin highlights the District’s labor force, philanthropic foundations, businesses, entertainers, and past and present leaders who have been instrumental in contributing to the magnetism and appeal of the District in downtown Minneapolis.

In addition to the exhibit, the Trust also encourages downtown Pride visitors to check out the exhibit during the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 26 and to take advantage of the selfie-spot at City Place lofts, in front of the windows facing Hennepin Avenue which feature two full-size historical Pride March images from 1973. Pride visitors can share their photos on social media by using @hennepintheatretrust or #hennepintheatretrust tags.

LGBTQIA+ History on Hennepin is currently on display in The Hennepin event center in the heart of the Hennepin Theatre District through July 22.

Heart of Hennepin commemorates the centennial with a yearlong celebration of the Hennepin Theatre District, Hennepin Theatre Trust, the Orpheum, State and Pantages historic theatres, along with The Hennepin event center and 824 Hennepin, home to the Brave New Workshop comedy theatre.

In addition to the LGBTQIA+ History on Hennepin, the Trust will be hosting Pride 2022, a special presentation of Patrick’s Cabaret produced by Patrick Scully, a featured subject of the LGBTQIA+ History on Hennepin exhibit, on Saturday, July 16 at 7:30 p.m. at The Hennepin (900 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis). The evening will feature works and performances by Apocalypse Theatre, Lori Dokken, Kohl Miner, Ann Marsden, Chris Stark, Venus DeMars and Patrick Scully.

Apocalypse Theatre is a nomadic freak-show caravan featuring Demolition Grrrls a dance track with loud guitars, Codename: Bunny and The Diseased. Lori Dokken brings a little cross section of piano bar tunes from, the 70s and 80s. Marking a decade since prominent Minneapolis photographer Ann Marsden’s passing, Patrick has organized a slide show of Ann’s photos of the LGBTQ community. Chris Stark will read from her second novel, 2022 Minnesota Book Awards finalist Carnival Lights, about two Ojibwe teen cousins who leave their fictitious northern Minnesota reservation for Minneapolis in 1969. Kohl Miner (Ho-Chunk Nation) will perform A Queer Elder, a coming-of-age story. Venus DeMars, best known as a glam-punk singer-songwriter transgender rock star, will present an acoustic cameo performance. Patrick Sully will serve as the emcee for the evening. Tickets are $20 at

Covid protocol: Artist and audience safety is a priority! Patrons are required to wear a mask in the event space. Proof of vaccination is not required.

Hennepin Theatre Trust drives cultural and economic vitality in Minnesota through leadership of the dynamic Hennepin Theatre District in downtown Minneapolis and educational programming that reaches every area of the state. Its historic theatres — Orpheum, State and Pantages — and event center at 900 Hennepin Avenue light up Hennepin Avenue with top-tier entertainment, including the best of Broadway and a wide variety of arts programming. Hennepin Theatre Trust is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Learn more at

Heart of Hennepin – celebrating 100 years of the Hennepin Theatre District To honor the centennial of the Hennepin Theatre District, Hennepin Theatre Trust is not only celebrating its historic venues — the Orpheum, State and Pantages theatres, The Hennepin event center and 824 Hennepin — but also everyone who is part of the legacy that has made the district the heart of Hennepin for 100 years. This year-long centennial celebration pays tribute to our community and history, and looks ahead to the future of the arts, the Trust and downtown Minneapolis.

Patrick’s Cabaret is a Minneapolis based performance venue, serving artists and audiences from around the world. Patrick’s Cabaret has a legacy of providing a platform for all, including art on the fringes, ranging from the work of artists of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community, to young and old, established and emerging performers. Patrick Scully began Patrick’s Cabaret in 1986, and for over three decades it has had a well-earned reputation for being edgy, experimental, improvisational, culturally expansive, socially relevant, politically charged, entertaining, provocative, and mesmerizing. In other words, it has chutzpa. Patrick’s established a “cabaret” style with a shared evening format, several artists/acts sharing one program.