Shawn McCann - "A Heartful Thanks"

Shawn McCann - "A Heartful Thanks" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

For so many, human touch and compassion is something that we took for granted before this pandemic hit. Most people live with others and their families, but there are numerous people that live alone, whether by design, in assisted living centers, or nursing homes that have been isolated from that basic human notion of company. With this piece, I am in search of what that love means from one person to the next. Whether it be a simple hello to an embrace, to a bond of friendship that can’t be broken.

Meet the artist

Shawn is a street artist and muralist based in the Twin Cities. His work has been exhibited and shown worldwide. He is also co-founder of Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes and six other street art festival throughout the Midwest.

To learn more about Shawn McCann, visit or follow him on Instagram.

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