Spotlight Evaluator Resources

The purpose of the Spotlight evaluation process is to provide each school with educational feedback to commend the notable achievements of each production and offer solutions to the aspects where productions could improve. Spotlight Education hires and trains professional artists and educators to serve as evaluators for Production Assessments. All Technical and Pre-Evaluators complete a background check before working with your students. Evaluators are professional artists and educators with a strong theatre background who have worked extensively in musical theatre performance, technical theatre and/or educational theatre.

There are no available training sessions for new evaluators at this time. Please check back during the Fall of 2018. If you have any questions please contact Ari Koehnen Sweeney, Education Manager via email or 612.455.9532.




The performance evaluation process is designed to give your students and production team educationally-focused feedback on production execution. The evaluation is also a determining factor for honors granted to your school and students.

The process is not competitive. Honors are given solely based on the merits and achievements presented within each school’s production. We evaluate productions based on the available and unique resources of each school.

Two (2) Spotlight trained performance evaluators will attend your production. Each show is evaluated in several categories, including movement and dance, vocal and acting technique for ensemble, execution of the technical aspects of the production and individual performances.


Performance Evaluator Resources

Performance Guide

The Technical Assessment includes a visit by an evaluator to a tech or dress rehearsal, the scheduling of which will be pre-arranged between Spotlight Education and your primary contact.

The purpose of this visit is for the evaluator to observe the work of student technicians, designers and managers as they are immersed in tech week. Evaluators are there to provide helpful and encouraging observations that energize and empower the students, as they move toward the run of the show.

Recognizing that our evaluators are inserting themselves into the artistic process at a busy time for the students, we encourage our evaluators to meet briefly with them at the beginning of the scheduled tech or dress rehearsal to introduce themselves and clarify that their presence is in the spirit of educational support, not criticism.

Our evaluators are visiting to be another pair of eyes, to reinforce the work of the educators and to help nurture the development of the technical student artists. The evaluators are not interested in the immediate achievement of the students in the rehearsal, but rather their work ethic and effort they display, helping them to grow through the process.


Technical Evaluator Resources

Evaluator Technical Guide

Evaluators will be sent to any school that requests a pre-evaluation assessment to attend a dress rehearsal of their Spotlight production. The goal of this pre-assessment is to provide insight to directors and students about what their Spotlight evaluators will be looking for and how they can make adjustments to present an even stronger performance. Some directors will wish that you speak with their students directly and others will ask that you speak only to them. This pre-evaluation does not count towards a school’s official evaluations.

For more information contact:

Ari Koehnen Sweeney, Education Director
612.455.9532 or