Spotlight Student & Educator Information

Spotlight Education Student Opportunities (see full calendar below)

Technicians Masterclass on January 20

Participating Spotlight schools are invited to send their technicians to our Technicians Masterclass led by our Union department heads at the Orpheum Theatre. Learn more and how to sign up here.

Orchestra Masterclass on January 20

Work with professional musicians and get a taste of what life is like in a professional pit! Learn more and how to sign up here.

ON YOUR FEET! dance masterclass on January 25

Come join us for our first Broadway masterclass of the new year! Cast members from ON YOUR FEET! will be teaching a Latin-themed dance masterclass. This will include a warm up, learning a dance combo and a short Q&A with the cast. Come dressed to move for a high energy dance class (with dance shoes or tennis shoes) and bring water!  Learn more and how to sign up here.

ON YOUR FEET! ticket offer for Spotlight Education students

Come see ON YOUR FEET! with us at the Orpheum Theatre on Wednesday, January 23. Tickets are available to Spotlight Education students for $27 – fill out the form below to get the code for the tickets. Please note: you need to stay on the page to access the link and code!

Sign up to purchase tickets for ON YOUR FEET!

Hennepin Theatre Trust and JCC: A Musical Theatre Experience

Spotlight students – join us for a special inclusive musical theatre opportunity this spring! Today 60 million Americans live with some form of disability. We’re looking for 15 Spotlight students to work side by side with a group of adults with developmental disabilities in a series of six workshops and two short performances — led by three local top-tier theatre professionals in voice, dance and acting. Learn more and submit your application here.

Spotlight Education and Theater Latte Da Masterclass Series

Spotlight Education is excited to partner with Theater Latté Da for three uniquely tailored educational experiences to our students this season. There will be three masterclasses, that will all include dinner and a ticket to the show, for $25 each. Learn more and how to sign up here.

Spotlight Education Directors

Director Handbook

Click here to view the Spotlight Education 2017-2018 Director’s Handbook. This document provides the most up-to-date information about Spotlight Education, including processes, fees, deadlines and key events occurring across the 2017-2018 season. The content is intended for theatre directors and their creative teams at both current and prospective Spotlight schools.

Spotlight Snipe

Please acknowledge your school’s participation in Spotlight Education in your production’s playbill/program!

Spotlight Education General Press Release

Use this press release for general information about Spotlight Education for your local media!

Spotlight Education Honors Fill-In Release

Use this template to send a press release about your performance’s honors from Spotlight Education!