Health and safety protocols in our theatres

Spotlight Showcase 2022 school participation

Spotlight Showcase 2021 Footloose Medley.

Spotlight schools are invited to perform at Spotlight Showcase based on honors received during the Production Assessment process. Spotlight-evaluated musicals that receive an Achievement in Theater honor are invited to bring a medley from their production to perform onstage at the State Theatre during their assigned performance night. Spotlight-evaluated full-length plays that receive an Achievement in Theater honor will be featured at Spotlight Showcase through pre-packaged content from the production.

If your production receives an Achievement in Theater honor, a Spotlight staff member will reach out to you to coordinate details about your technical rehearsal and performance details.

Individual performers and technicians at Spotlight schools perform in various production numbers on Spotlight Showcase (per their school performance night assignment).

Theater Educator Award

Every year, Spotlight Education recognizes an outstanding educator for their work with theater students and the advancement of arts education. This award will honor high school teachers, directors, or educators who embody the highest standards in performing arts education and demonstrate a positive impact on the lives of students.

Current or past students, school administrators, parents, community members or fellow arts educators may fill out the form to nominate a theater educator for this award.

If you have specific questions about eligibility or submission materials, please email [email protected]