Steven Premo - "Social Justice Now"

Steven Premo - "Social Justice Now" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

Steven addresses Social Justice with the direction pointing towards the “Now watch”, referring to the time of course, he draws our attention to the call for justice being long overdue and declaring that Now! IS the time.

In creating the artwork, Steven focused on readily identifiable icons:

“Social Justice Power Fist”, always a staple image for creating interest. “Feathers”, denoting his heritage and signaling native support in the cause. “Inverse Flag”, a universal sign of distress. In being broken or deconstructed, implies it is an even more dire situation. “Stars”, representing the 11 Tribal Nations in Minnesota.

Meet the artist

Steven Premo
Reservation and inner city raised, Steven is a self-taught artist and designer. His work takes many forms including graphic designer, illustrator, fine artist, muralist, and fabric designer. He is a husband and a strong indigenous advocate.

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