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Student Publicist

student publicist

About the Program

Students engaged in the Critical Review or Student Liaison programs with expertise in writing, marketing, and social media are invited to apply as a Student Publicist with the submission of required materials including: resume and completed writing prompts. An interview and director references will be requested. Working closely with Spotlight Staff, a Student Publicist will create content and promote Spotlight Showcase and surrounding pre/post show events by being project based, creative, self-starters, who work well under direction and timelines.

2021 Student Publicist Calendar

  • April 7: Submissions close at 11:59 p.m.
  • April 20: Interviews

Students will be selected to participate in each of the following experiences dependent on skills and availability.

Featured Filming Location rehearsals, audio recordings and movement filming:

  • May 10-13: Featured Filming Location rehearsals. Time: TBD (afternoon/evening)
  • May 20-22: Featured Filming Location vocal recording. Time: TBD (afternoon/evening)
  • May 24-26: Featured Filming Location movement filming. Time: TBD (afternoon/evening)

Hennepin Theatre Trust rehearsals, meetings and audio recordings:

  • May 15: Production meeting. Time: TBD.
  • May 24-28: Rehearsals. Time: TBD. (afternoon/evening)
  • June 1-5: Rehearsals. Time: TBD. (afternoon/evening)

Downtown Minneapolis production, programming and Showcase event:

  • June 6 or 7: Downtown Minneapolis Filming. Time: All Day.
  • June 8-14: Various events and programming. Detailed schedule forthcoming.
  • June 15: Spotlight Showcase event at Hennepin Theatre Trust. Detailed schedule forthcoming.

Submission Requirements

  • Resume
  • Short answer questions
    • In 200 words or less, please explain what Spotlight Education does for you, personally.
  • Filmed section
    • Using the script below, film yourself in direct address to the camera delivering the following information. Reference the script if necessary.
      Spotlight Showcase is a professionally produced event that reaches metro and rural communities of Minnesota highlighting the hard work and talent of students, educators, families, and supporters. You’ll see specific performances from honored productions, honored individuals, pit orchestra musicians, alumni, community members, and finalists for The Triple Threat Broadway Experience. Behind the scenes, Technical Theater Career Pathway finalists are helping design the show—and several Student Publicists like myself are writing, documenting, and sharing everything for our audience.”
  • Social media posts
    • Upload three (3) examples of your most effective social media posts as it pertains to theater. These can be screenshots of posts you have created for your personal social media platforms or for your theater program’s platforms.

Submissions for 2021 Student Publicists have closed.