2016-2017 Broadway Donor Guide

We will fill the first requests with the best seats available. If you’d like earlier access to the best seats, consider upgrading your donation level by making a gift or by calling 612.455.9536.

Call us today at 612.455.9536 or click here to learn more about the benefits of the Donor Program.


What is an “on-sale” date? On-sale date refers to the date that you can place your order for tickets. Be sure to submit your order within your on-sale period to ensure you can receive the best tickets possible. Your on-sale period is the window of time where we can find you the best tickets possible before tickets are released for the general public.

How do I place my order? You will receive an email the morning of your on-sale date. This email will outline how to complete and submit your online ticket order form.

How many shows can I purchase tickets to? As a Donor, you have the flexibility of purchasing tickets to as many shows as you like. Whether you want to purchase tickets to only one show or to the entire season, the choice is yours.

How many tickets can I order? Donors at the Associate and Supporter level can request up to two (2) tickets per show. Donors at theInvestor, Benefactor and Financier level can request up to four (4) tickets per show. Guarantor level Donors can request up to eight (8) tickets per order.

You will be able to submit your ticket request for the Bank of America Broadway on Hennepin Season using an online form. This form will be emailed to you the morning tickets become available for your donor level. Be sure to check your inbox for a message and if you do not receive an email, please email us at [email protected]