A few quick tips for theatre-goers

At Hennepin Theatre Trust, we believe in the transformative and inspirational power of seeing live theater, and the value of bringing people together to share a moment. That experience should be enjoyed by everyone attending. It is an exciting experience to spend a night at the theatre enjoying live entertainment surrounded by other people that are enjoying the performance with you, but it can also raise a lot of questions about how to prepare for your night out and expectations once inside the theatre. To ensure you have the very best experience, we would like to share a few tips so you can fully take in the magic of the theatre and enjoy the show.

Before you arrive at the theatre

  1. Download our app. The easiest way to access your tickets is in the Hennepin Theatre Trust mobile app. Visit our mobile ticketing page to download the app for IOS and Android users.
  2. Plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the show time noted on your ticket. Doing so will give you plenty of time to get through security, ticket scanning, find your seat and get settled before the curtain rises and the show begins. Late arrivals may be held in the lobby until there is a convenient break within the show for the usher to escort you to your seat.
  3. Use the bathroom. Restroom lines can become quite long prior to the start of the show and during intermission.
  4. Dress thoughtfully. We welcome casual and formal attire, but consider grabbing an extra layer that can be added to ward off cooler air or removed if you get too warm so you are comfortable during the performance. As visiting live theater is a special occasion, you are welcome to dress up if you desire! Think of what you might wear to a dinner; .
  5. Let us know about special accommodations in advance of your performance. Please contact the box office to arrange for any accessibility needs you or your guest may require.

During the performance

  1. No photos or videos, please. There are a few exceptions to this rule, look for signage indicating the policy once you arrive at the theatre, listen for an announcement before the show begins or ask an usher about the policy.
  2. Silence and refrain from using your phone. There is nothing more distracting than the use of your cell phone during the performance for both you, your fellow theatregoers and the performers on stage. Please put your cell phone away and enjoy the performance.
  3. Refrain from talking during the performance. Aside from a ringing cell phone, talking during a performance is the most distracting theater etiquette offense to people around you and the performer. Any talking will distract from what is being said onstage for you and those sitting around you. If you’re attending a musical with numbers you know and love, that’s wonderful!  But, save the sing-along for the car ride home. Sometimes at a concert, the performer will encourage the audience to sing along, and that’s the exception to this rule. Be respectful of those around you so everyone can enjoy the show!
  4. Do show your appreciation and applaud! For musicals, it’s fine to clap after songs. For plays, it’s best to reserve clapping for intermission breaks and the final curtain.
  5. Unwrap cough drops and candies in advance to avoid the crinkling sound of the wrapper. And no, unwrapping them slowly does not help.
  6. Speak with an usher if you have any concerns or issues during your time at the theatre, they are there to help ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

We are so excited to welcome you to our theatres, thank you for choosing us! We hope this visit is the first of many to come. If we didn’t answer some of your questions, please visit our FAQ page, message us on Facebook or call our Box Office.