Andrew K. Hammond - "Repair the Economic Breach"

Andrew Hammond - "Repair the Economic Breach" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

Miriam Webster Dictionary defines the word minority as the smaller in number of two groups, constituting a whole. Native black Americans are the minority in our country and yet, in the inner city dominating in number of COVID-19 cases. It almost as seems like an oxymoron that, the least can have the most. This is solely due to a breach in healthy equity and economics. This disparity impacts all communities and classes.

Meet the artist

My work focuses on expressing the culture, history and future of people in the African-American dispersion, which is an important undertaking in a society filled with historical mythology. Critics speak of my versatility, and expressive work through collages which provoke thought and create visual disputation and resolve. I will never concede to having the torch of my hero, Romare Bearden (1911-1988), but confess that my torch has been lit by Bearden, George Grosz (1893-1959) Minnesota’s Mel Smith and “Dame” Judy Bowman.

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