Robb Allen

Head of Security

Originally from Chicago, Robb joined Hennepin Theatre Trust in 2019 and excitedly shares that he’s “never enjoyed working for a place as much as he does here.” The Trust puts its money where its mouth is. The Trust loves the people of Hennepin Avenue and we receive that same love right back from the community.

Robb surprises his colleagues in many ways. He’s an enthusiast of all things horror, but also shares that one of his favorite movies is The Notebook. It makes sense when you realize just how big Robb’s heart truly is. He also enjoys raising fish. Currently, he’s maintaining three tanks in his home – one with African cichlids, one with bala sharks and another with neon glofish. As for music, Robb enjoys neosoul artists such as Maxwell, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.