Connor Rice (CRICE) - "Archaic Remedies

Connor Rice (CRICE) - "Archaic Remedies" artwork for "Art Connects Us"

About the artwork

The artwork features a diverse array of healing symbols. The figure in the image represents humankind’s tie to nature and search for esoteric remedies. The cross-cultural origins of the iconography highlight the interconnectivity of our modern communities. The colors, composition and the icons are all designed to yield a therapeutic, restorative effect. The background elements relate to the importance of cosmic synchronization in our daily life. When communities face challenges to health and harmony there must be a remedy for both the body and the spirit. This piece seeks to deliver a message to alleviate the psychic disharmony that has permeated during this crisis.

Meet the artist

I’m a mixed-media artist from Minneapolis. I take visual inspiration from hieroglyphs and graffiti. My work chronicles the issues and motifs of pan-Africanist realities across time and space. By employing ancient symbols and blending them with a modern sensibility, my art seeks to distort our preconceived notions of human history.

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