Connor Rice (CRICE) - "A New Social Contract"

Connor Rice - "A New Social Contract" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

When a social contract is broken it’s up to the community to renegotiate what is given power. The elements and symbols featured are from the global Black diaspora. The main figure is an Nkisi Nkondi or power figure from the Congo. Its purpose is to serve as a spiritual and visual marker for a deal or contract. It is a reminder of oaths as well as a guardian or avenger. The hammer and nails become metaphors for promises made and damages done to the Black community. Also featured is an ostrich feather, a symbol for the Egyptian god of justice: Maat. The background pattern is derived from the Adinkra symbol Sepow representing justice. The maroon color palette is also a reference to Black communities. The piece is a commentary on the blended nature of the African diaspora’s origin and the pursuit of justice that has fueled Black communities for centuries.

Meet the artist

I’m a mixed-media artist from Minneapolis. I take visual inspiration from hieroglyphs and graffiti. My work chronicles the issues and motifs of pan-Africanist realities across time and space. By employing ancient symbols and blending them with a modern sensibility, my art seeks to distort our preconceived notions of human history.

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