5 to 10

5 to 10 on Hennepin

Cow Tipping Press Fall Book Release and Author Reading

Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 5:00 pm

The Northern Lights Stage presented by Jack Link’s will feature: 

Cow Tipping Press publishes writing by people with developmental disabilities (e.g. Down syndrome, autism), encouraging readers to reconsider the dynamism and assets of this rich form of human diversity. Cow Tipping Press will host their fall book release and author reading on 5 to 10 on Hennepin’s Mobile Stage, giving a dozen authors with disabilities a platform to share their distinct voices with audiences that might not otherwise engage with or think of them in this way. Our authors’ writing spans ages, genres, and content, showing both the profound diversity of this often generalized or neglected form of human difference and appealing to a wide range of audiences tastes.

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