Gallery Exhibit

Immigrant Stories: artists reception

An exhibition featuring Joe Burns and Syed Hosain

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 10:30 pm

The Gallery at The Hennepin

Portraits from the "Immigrant Stories" exhibit featuring work by artists Syed Hosain and Joe Burns

Join us for an opening reception celebrating “Immigrant Stories,” featuring the work of two Minneapolis artists as part of our year-long focus on art that celebrates the people in our community. This exhibit runs in conjunction with “It’s the People,” a public art project inspired by the people whose experiences and stories create the unique vibrancy of Minneapolis.

While there is stylistic dissonance between their approaches, both display a passion for illuminating our shared humanity and contesting immigration stereotypes.

Joe Burns presents realistic artwork from “Facing America: An Exhibition of Immigrant Portraits,” in response to negative rhetoric about immigrants. He learns his subjects’ stories and takes about 100 photos before creating portraits. His classical realism celebrates his subjects’ likenesses.

Syed Hosain builds up rich surfaces on canvas, creating a tension between recognition and obliteration. His semi-abstract, reductive interpretations produce highly emotive images that draw out his subjects’ essence.

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