Gallery Exhibit

Mirror Passage 

June 29 - October 1, 2023

Best Buy Foundation Gallery

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We often hear that identity formation is fluid, a journey, an act of becoming. In Mirror Passage, seven artists share work that embodies that development and understanding of the self, utilizing ideas of nostalgia, memory and future-seeking to embrace one’s own narrative and identity journey. The artists ask questions like:  What do you see when you look in the mirror? How are you different in private and public space? As a child, what dreams did you have for yourself, your community and what futures have you now embodied? What can art-making capture about personal narrative, and what still remains elusive?

Mirror Passage features seven artists from PF Studios. The PF Studios program is a practice-based platform for artists to develop their craft, skills and careers in relationship with other artists. PF Studios is a part of Public Functionary, a nonprofit organization. In 2019, PF Studios began as one studio space with the goal to increase BIPOC access to affordable studio space and empower emerging artists with tools and knowledge to grow their practice and community. Nine artists joined  as the first cohort on this journey to build differently, and helped shape what grew into the five multidisciplinary studios of the expanded PF Studios program.

Featuring Avery Weiler, Genie Hien Tran,  Jacqueline W. Nuzzo,Leeya Rose Jackson, , Maiya Lea Hartman, Philipo Dyauli and Silent Fox

Curated by Leslie Barlow, Sabrina Ford and Silent Fox