GalaPro App

Please note that GalaPro is only available for select Broadway shows at the Orpheum Theatre.


We are excited to bring GalaPro’s innovative technology to select shows at the Orpheum Theatre. GalaPro is the first of its kind mobile application that enables audiences to enjoy live productions while receiving personalized closed captioning on their phone or tablet. It’s another way we strive to bring you the best Broadway experience in Minneapolis.

This unique technology is designed specifically to adhere to the strict rules of the theatre. The app works within airplane mode, not allowing calls or messages to come through during use, and displays a black screen with red text only visible to the user so as to not disturb any surrounding patrons.

If you are interested in utilizing this new technology, you are encouraged to download the app prior to attending your performance.

Instructions for use:

  1. Download GalaPro from the App Store or Google Play Store before your visit to minimize connectivity problems that should arise on site
  2. New users: select “create account,” enter your email and create a password
  3. Tap the compass arrow to select
  4. Choose the name of your show on the homepage for show information
  5. Set your phone to airplane mode
  6. Return to the GalaPro app from settings
  7. Enjoy the show

We welcome your feedback during and after the show as we test this technology for use in future presentations.