Amy Jeanchaiyaphum

"It's the People" artist Amy JeanchaiyaphumAmy Sundby Jeanchaiyaphum believes photography, like art, is universal. Photographs tell a story that words simply cannot convey. Images visually connect us to moments, memories and places. Communication and understanding are key. While shooting, Jeanchaiyaphum continually adapts to unique personalities, settings and conditions. She has found that the best photographs often emerge organically.

With more than 20 years of national and international experience, a BFA from the University of Minnesota, her creative skills and talents are deeply rooted. Born in the Midwest, she has an inherent understanding of people, land, traditions and a knowledge of what people hold near and dear. Connecting to people and stories generates inspiration and fuel for her creative nature.




About the Subjects: 

Amy is focusing the spotlight on the IATSE Local 13 stage crew workers who are seldom seen or acknowledged in the same way other artists are, featuring Rob Mills, Jesse Carlson, Suzanne Jankowski, Molly Diers, John Kirk, Bill Devins and Bruce Wedden in this portrait.

These subjects work in various capacities as production crew members within the theater world, from lighting and rigging to props, carpentry, set building, wardrobe and other jobs that help bring productions to the stage.

Theater provides a platform through which we can build bridges across cultures by engaging in a collective experience. Theater serves the community as a focal point for a network of mutuality where we can reflect on our diversity with understanding, rather than fear or judgement.



Behind the scenes photos

IASTE Local Chapter 13 stage crew workers stand on the stage of the Orpheum TheatreArtist, Amy Jeanchaiyaphum takes a photo of the IASTE Local Chapter 13 stage crew workers Artist, Amy Jeanchaiyaphum takes a photo of the IASTE Local Chapter 13 stage crew workers