Christopher Selleck

"It's the People" banner featuring The FAIR School for the Arts. Portrait by Christopher Selleck.

"It's the People" artist Christopher SelleckChristopher Selleck has spent the last twenty years working in and around the art scene of Minneapolis. In the past few years, his projects have focused on the idea of identity construction, using sports and masculinity as a lens to view identity. His current projects address issues of hyper-masculinity, sexuality and the male body.

His work has always had an affinity for traditional forms of photography but with a more conceptual approach. Portraits, photographic prints and books have been central in his practice, but his work has also incorporated video, sound, installation, printmaking and sculpture and has been exhibited nationwide.



About the Student Artists and Subjects: 

Addica Sharbono, Damico Anderson, Eden Atkinson, Gabriell Smith, Kay Higgs-Mitchell, Leah Cole, Mickey Anderson, Orren Fen, Pixie Gatlin, Rowan Kennedy-Logan, Willa Vann from the FAIR School for Arts worked as both photographers and subjects, with Christopher as their teaching artist. The students attended a workshop hosted by FORECAST Public Art to gain a broader understanding of public art and learned how to see themselves as the creators of their project. They met with Christopher, who introduced them to portrait photography and the idea that the art form creates a special, unique experience that moves past just people photographing people. Working in small groups, they discussed strategies for presentation and arrangements that they would implement. The photoshoot took place in the Photo and Moving Image Department at MCTC. Student work contributes equally with the professional artists featured in It’s the People each year.

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Behind the scenes photos

FAIR School for the Arts students pose for their portrait FAIR School for the Arts students pose for their portraitChristopher Selleck cheers on FAIR School for the Arts students