In memoriam to Dave Marietta 1950-2022

Dave Marietta "It's the People" banner portrait subject

Dave Marietta | Jim Gehrz, Star Tribune staff photographer – copyright 2015

To walk the halls of the Orpheum Theatre with Dave Marietta as your guide was something truly special. His years in the theatre were so much more than a job to him, they became emblematic of his approach to life. He never begrudged anyone the spotlight, but he reserved his admiration for the countless people who worked largely unseen, without credit or recognition. Dave was a third-generation theatre worker, and in a career that spanned more than 40 years, he was pivotal in the renovations of the Orpheum, State and Pantages theatres. At the time of his retirement, he was the Stage Manager and Technical Director of the Orpheum Theatre.

“My dad LOVED that old building, in some ways, it was like an extension of himself. He loved the curves of the building and the way the chandeliers would bounce light off the walls. He also loved the show itself; he had an appreciation for the artistry that went into every production.”

– Naomi Marietta