Drew Arrieta

"It's the People" banner featuring James Samuel "Cornbread" Harris Jr.. Portrait by Drew Arrieta.

"It's the People" artist Drew ArrietaDrew Arrieta is a visual storyteller and artist whose work tells stories about resistance, reimagining our world and the magic of joy. His work shines a spotlight on people and their resilience. Photography is his primary medium because of its willingness to reveal truths and bare witness, making it the perfect medium to demonstrate humanity’s adaptability and strength.






About the Subject: 

James Samuel “Cornbread” Harris Jr. is a renowned jazz and blues pianist who has become a musical institution in the Twin Cities. At 96 years old, Cornbread has arguably performed in the state more than any other musician. His upbeat and playful performances can be heard everywhere from Palmer’s to the Minnesota State Fair to local senior centers. Despite a life filled with challenges, including the death of both of his parents as a child and hospitalization for disability in his legs and feet, Cornbread has always persevered through his love and passion for music.

Cornbread’s life story is one of resilience, dedication and music. His consistent work ethic is representative of the network of working-class musicians who are the backbone of Minnesota’s music community.

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James Samuel "Cornbread" Harris Jr. poses for a photo Drew Arrieta speaks with his subject James Samuel "Cornbread" Harris Jr.Drew Arrieta speaks with his subject James Samuel "Cornbread" Harris Jr.