Jared Fessler

"It's the People" banner featuring Lady C Cassadine, Frozaen Pissas, and Priscilla Es Yuicy. Portrait by Jared Fessler.

"It's the People" artist Jared FesslerJared Fessler has enjoyed photography for as long as he can remember. He took a photography film class back in high school, but photography did not really come back to him until post-secondary education when he was trying to figure out what he was going to do next. Fessler invested in a camera just for fun and started taking photos of everything. He mostly enjoyed photographing people, and once his work spread, people started reaching out to get him to photograph them. He decided that if he was going to do this, he needed to learn more about his camera and photography. He decided to get his certificate in photography and to this day, Fessler still attends photography workshops and classes.




About the Subjects: 

Lady C Cassadine, Frozaen Pissas and Priscilla Es Yuicy are a group of non-binary BIPOC performers that are all well-known and respected in the Twin Cities drag community. They are local to the Twin Cities area and have performed at drag brunches through Flip Phone, LGBTQIA+ bars and shows at the Saloon and community events such as Minneapolis Pride. They are all winners of the local Flip Phone Superstar drag contest.

These BIPOC performers are coming from and representing oppressed and marginalized groups who experience systemic racism. Through their work in representation and visibility, they embody the “Network of Mutuality” in the Minnesota drag community.

Lady C Cassadine INSTAGRAM

Frozaen Pissas INSTAGRAM

Priscilla Es Yuicy INSTAGRAM


Behind the scenes photos

Jared Fessler takes a photo for the It's the People mural Lady C Cassadine, Forzaen Pissas and Priscilla Es Yuicy Artist, Jared Fessler, directs the photoshoot with Lady C Cassadine, Forzaen Pissas and Priscilla Es Yuicy