Shun Yong

It's the People banner featuring Roshan Ganu, Peng Wu and Aki Shibata. Portrait by Shun Yong

"It's the People" artist Shun YongShun Yong is a fine art photographer and multidisciplinary artist. A fear of loss, generational trauma and curiosity motivate him to take photographs. Shun’s work investigates his identity as a second-generation Chinese immigrant in Malaysia as well as a new immigrant to the U.S. It has not only helped him achieve a sense of belonging in both places, but also allows him to connect with family and strangers alike. He is also the co-founder of CarryOn Homes, a collaborative dedicated to telling the stories of immigrants and refugees in the U.S. through art. By engaging the public in cross-cultural dialogue, CarryOn Homes  creates spaces for immigrants and marginalized communities to feel a sense of belonging and empowerment.




About the Subjects: 

Aki Shibata, Peng Wu and Roshan Ganu are not traditional artists that only master one medium; they are multi-disciplinary artists and educators. Being thoughtful about the space that is given to them, they use their art installations as a tool to heal and engage viewers.

Their identity as immigrants tightens their relationship. They treat each other as family because their parents are not here. They understand how difficult it was when you have no one to rely on when you are all by yourself in a new place where you call home. One of the ways they find comfort is to make art together and talk to each other. They appreciate as well as empathize with each other, since they share  the same feeling and experience living in Minnesota.





Behind the scenes photos

Artist, Shun Yong, poses with his subjects Aki Shibata, Peng Wu and Roshan Ganu. Artist, Shun Yong, poses with his subjects Aki Shibata, Peng Wu and Roshan Ganu.It's the People subjects Aki Shibata, Peng Wu and Roshan Ganu laugh