Kprecia Ambers - "Corrupt System"

Kprecia Ambers - "Corrupt System" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

“Corrupt System,” calls for change and challenges people to face a bigger picture. This system was built for racists, by racists and years later it still stands, yet we are “progressing”. That makes no sense, when it only serves those it was created for, White America. My art expresses my pain and a call for progressive action. No one should have to beg to be treated justly. I am tired of seeing my people and others fight so hard to simply live. We experience so much push back and it is time to dismantle systemic racism and recreate our foundation. America was never great! We do not need to go back to how things were, we need to use the past and present to create something better. This will take a nation of people to work together. I do not have the answers, but I know we need an evolution and I challenge others to think about how that looks.

Meet the artist

Kprecia is the founder of Kp Inspires and full-time freelance illustrator from Minneapolis, MN. She uses her art as an expression to celebrate black culture, empower, support businesses, and educate. Her goal is to be an example and inspire others like her to build their own door to walk through.

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