Philipo Dyauli - "Essentials"

Philipo Dyauli - "Essentials" artwork for Art Connects Us

About the artwork

My goal is to design a project that speaks to everyone and highlights what is most important or essential during these challenging times. I want to include everyday items we all REQUIRE as a reminder of our similarities rather than our differences. This includes hazard pay, self-care (sleep, diet and exercise), safety gear, medicine and toilet paper. The vital role these people play has never been more apparent. From farmers, to suppliers, to nurses, to bus drivers, and everyone in between. I personally took their contributions for granted and this has been a helpful reminder how fortunate we are to have their help. Thus my idea is a collage of “essential items” that resonate with the everyday person to remind them of their power to make a difference in their community. Hence, every Minnesotan matters and is essential.

Meet the artist

My name is Philipo Dyauli and I am a self-taught artist from Tanzania currently living and working in Minneapolis. My art is primarily acrylic paintings and is inspired by my favorite musicians, Saturday morning cartoons and film. I incorporate my Tanzanian roots and personal experiences to create work that reflects my life in the United States and East Africa. This often involves depictions of favorite family traditions, friends and personal heroes.

To learn more about Philipo Dyauli, visit or follow him on Instagram.

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