Staff Directory


Tom Hoch


Tom is responsible for creating the vision and mission for the Trust and WeDo and defining its delivery of services to a wide variety of stakeholders, including the Board, the team, patrons, donors, sponsors and constituencies.

Brittany Denuszek

Accounting Manager

Brittany ensures the completion of all aspects of processing and required reporting. She also leads the process for preparing financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Katie Driscoll

Accounting Assistant

Katie is responsible for supporting the finance team in the accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash receipt functions. She works directly with team members to ensure accurate financial reporting.

Kjirsten Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Kjirsten is responsible for oversight of all finance, accounting and reporting activities.

Jim Langemo

Chief Administrative Officer

Jim develops and stewards the Trust’s HR practices that enable its staff to maximize their full potential and the organization to achieve outstanding results.

Jamin O’Malley

IT Manager

Jamin manages the Salesforce system for the Trust, including developing and managing short- and long-term implementation plans, training staff and managing other technology partnerships.

Naomi Pesky

Vice President of External Relations

Naomi oversees the development, marketing and communications teams for the Trust and WeDo. She is responsible for creating strategies that advance the Trust’s position and brand in the community and enable the organization to meet its revenue goals and fulfill its mission.

Julie Stevens

Executive Assistant

Julie provides direct support to the President / CEO. She is responsible for managing his schedule and maintaining a consistent and positive relationship with senior leadership, the board of directors and a wide range of external contacts.


Dan Fernelius

Individual Giving Manager

Dan works in partnership with the Director of Development to create, implement and manage the Trust’s individual giving strategy.

Robie Hayek

Development Coordinator

Robie manages the Trust’s volunteer program and is responsible for a portfolio of donors. He also coordinates events for the development team.

Sarah Johnson

Development Research Coordinator

Sarah supports the development team by researching prospective donors, foundations and corporations and works to prepare grant proposals.

Kandice Peterson

Development Assistant

Kandice supports the development team and is initial point of contact for donor tickets and benefit fulfillment needs. She also serves as the Trust’s office manager.

Nathan Soland

Director of Development

Nathan is responsible for setting the charitable fundraising strategies for the organization and leading activities that engage individual donors and funders.


Jason Capra

New Century Theatre Manager

Jason manages and operates the day-to-day functions of the New Century Theatre, and provides technical requirements for all content.

Kelli Foster Warder

Director of education

Kelli leads education programming initiatives, including Spotlight Education, Broadway Confidential and Access.

Ari Koehnen

Education Coordinator

Ari coordinates the Spotlight Education program, including workshops, master classes and Critical Review.

Lisa Krohn

Director of Theatre Programming

Lisa is responsible programming choices for the theatres and is primary liaison with the Trust’s Broadway programming consultant.

Mary Jane Mansfield

Public Art and Placemaking Coordinator

Jane arranges and supports all elements of the Trust’s artistic installations throughout the WeDo MPLS Cultural District.

Dudley Voigt

Critical Review Program Manager

Theater artist and educator Dudley Voigt has created, produced, directed and stage-managed theatrical productions, educational tours, arts programs and events for over fifteen years.

Joan Vorderbruggen

Director of Public Art and Placemaking

Joan leads the ongoing development, coordination and implementation of public art and placemaking initiatives throughout the WeDo MPLS Cultural District.


Nicole Arne

Sponsorship Coordinator

Nicole supports the Corporate Sponsorship Manager and stewards the Trust’s sponsorship process lifecycle.

Julie Gotlieb

Business Partnerships Manager

Julie manages in-kind giving for the Trust, generating and fulfilling a broad range of sponsorships, partnerships and special events.

Marketing and Communications

Bailey Cahlander

Communications Coordinator

Bailey leads a variety of email and social media campaigns, and manages website content on the Trust and WeDo websites.

Chad Davis

Communications Manager

Chad leads content development strategies for the Trust and WeDo to enhance communications and effectively reach the Trust’s core audiences.

Laura Fagen

Communications Coordinator

Laura leads a variety of email and social media campaigns, and manages website content on the Trust website.

Shanna O’Leary

Digital Communications Coordinator

Shanna leads the digital communications strategies for the Trust and WeDo, combining the art of online engagement with the science of sophisticated digital tools.

Kari Ruth

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kari oversees a team of Marketing and Communication professionals, creating and implementing integrated strategies, delegating work, coaching and motiving performance and providing development opportunities.

Dale Stark

Media Relations Manager

Dale plans and executes media outreach strategies for Trust and WeDo activities. He also serves as a Trust spokesperson and advises on media relations and messaging.